TURNIPS Can Help You Lose Weight

TURNIPS Can Help You Lose Weight

Turnips belong to the wallflower family: they rarely get up to dance and their closest new partner is the swede (Brassica napus), a hybrid from broccoli and the turnip. Compared to the amazing broccoli, turnips and swedes have no carotene character, not even a bit of beta. Neither has any significant nutritional features, they always look chubby even though they carry no fat content, they hardly contain calcium (30mg) and have very little sign of muscle tone or potassium (191mg).

They are often a dash salty with an organic sodium content of 67mg, and that’s a good thing because their blood count is really down in the dumps in iron (Omg) and their nerves are shaking at the knees with low magnesium (llmg) and phosphorus (27mg). It’s surprising the turnip even shows up at parties! Maybe it’s that small vitamin C of 21 mg that gives them a tiny spark of life. You can, however, eat as many as you like, with very few calories. Hope all that didn’t turn you off them if you like them!

CALORIES – total: 43 kcal. per 100 grams Calories from: Carb: 33 Protein: 5 Fat: 2

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TURNIPS Can Help You Lose Weight

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