Twisted Pony Tail Hairstyle

Hi how are you doing today I’m going to show you this beautiful perfect everyday look that is great for work or school and it looks glamorous and I will support it at night as well. So let’s begin all you really need for this hairstyle is bobby pins, I got toms here and you are gonna need a clear head elastic.

Twisted Pony Tail Hairstyle Photo Gallery

So the first thing we are gonna do is just split the hair in two. So you are gonna grab just maybe your finger if you want to use a brush you can use a brush and just separate the hair in the back and take a section and bring it forward and then the other section in the back we are going to tie it up in a ponytail but more to the left side. So do not put it in the center now the next step is just grab this section and start twisting it and you want to start twisting it right here at the back of your ear and pretty much you are just using all the hair that you have and when you get to the ponytail what you are doing is essentially just covering the ponytail with the twist and then bring it under my hair is long enough.

So I’m gonna bring it over again but if you are here sure you can pin it at this point. So I’m going to just twist it over one more time just bring it under the ponytail and just pin it in place show your shine in waitin to put your. So that’s really it guys, I hope you enjoyed this hairstyle do not forget to leave me a comment down below and like this post I will see you guys soon love you.

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