Twisted Side Braid Hairstyle

Hi how are you doing today I’m going to show you how to do this new side braid, I absolutely am in love with it and it is very different super easy and perfect for every day. So let’s begin I’m only gonna need a few simple tools to create this look and that’s gonna be a hairbrush teasing brush some bobby pins and a hair elastic the first thing I’m gonna do is just teeth the hair at the crown of my head, I have a section of hair grab my teasing comb and just start going up and down and now just lightly brush out the cheese next you want to bring over here to one side, I personally wear my Cypress on the left side, I do not know why it is kind of weird but, I feel more comfortable on that side but whichever side you want to and give the hair a good brush to avoid any tangles, I forgot to mention that, I’m wearing hair extensions today I’m wearing the chestnut brown color and, I usually wear my locs is you know especially when, I go side braids just for the length in the thickness now on to the braiding part you are going to be working with two sections and it is extremely extremely easy braids to recreate. So the first thing I’m gonna do is just split this hair into section what I’m gonna do next is tweeze these two sections towards each other and then bring them together when, I bring them together, I release and let go of one hand and, I hold them with the left hand and then, I split it again and then, I twist again the new two sections together bring it together split twist this is the same steps all over again and then do it all the way down.

Twisted Side Braid Hairstyle Photo Gallery

So that’s what the braid is gonna look like it is very very cool it is kind of, I do not know it does not look like anything else the only braid, I could probably compare it to is a fishtail braid but it is not. So it is a very funky kind of braid secure the braid at the bottom and just fan it out when you are done. So there you go that’s really it guys let me know how you like this post down below do not forget to leave me a comment, I love love love reading your comments do not forget to like this post down below and comment down below as well when you recreate this hair tutorial make sure to post it on your Instagram with e here at hashtag our favourites are always featured on our Instagram thank you.

So much for tuning in, I hope you have a beautiful day, I love you in I will see you soon bye let’s go let’s get it started hello cool, I can’t stop it okay next you want to bring all the hair to one side which are right.

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