Twisted Side Ponytail Hairstyle

You may not always wear the latest dye hi how are you doing it is me here today. So in one of my latest outfit of the day posts, I think it was called spring OTD I’m gonna link it here, I did my hair sort of in a side ponytail it was kind of quick thing, I did right before posting cuz, I just my hair was kind of second day third day hair and, I was like what should, I do and, I just kind of played with it and, I did this really pretty sort of a twisted in the back side ponytail and you guys loved it and you requested.

So many times. So, I promise to do it for you. So here it go.

So it is a really easy hairstyle that you can do anytime you are running out the door and you just want to do your hair really quickly you have like a couple of minutes you really do not need anything except for these little little tiny elastics I’m probably going to just use one and you can get these at any dollar store or any beauty supply store and you want it to match your hair color. So you can’t really see it in your hair I’m using a light brown sort of a brownish color. So I’m going to turn our on.

Twisted Side Ponytail Hairstyle Photo Gallery

So you guys can see what I’m doing in the back and let’s get into it what I’m going to do is just sort of grab my hair from one of the sides I’m going to be using my right side and all you are doing is just sort of grabbing a section and then grabbing a section underneath and twisting it over and then re twisting that and then grabbing another section underneath and twisting that over and then you are just pretty much wristing the whole back section. So you are just making little twists and you continue doing that for as long as you can. So when you are not twisting this section you are just going to get your elastic and you are gonna make a ponytail here.

So just secure your ponytail like you normally would with an elastic and this hairstyle looks great on really any kind of hair it can be straight or curly or wavy, I think it looks more romantic and springy on wavy hair and then what i did to end this hairstyle is just grab a little section of hair and you want to just twist it around the base of the ponytail twist the depending on how long your section is you are gonna twist it a few times and then you are just gonna tuck it behind and this is probably the hardest part of this tutorial really. So you want to find your elastic wherever it is you want to pull on it and grab the section and sort of tuck it in the elastic. So you pretty much hide the ends of the hair and they are secure there and your ponytail is pretty much done this is what you get very easy and fast, I hope you guys enjoyed the super easy and quick hairstyle do not forget to try it out and if you like it definitely take a picture of yourself and post it on our Facebook fan page, I love when people recreate our hairstyles and I’d love to see it on you.

So do not forget to leave a comment down below I will see you guys in the next tutorial and have a wonderful day bye Oh.

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