Twisted Waterfall Hairstyle

Hi my good for friends how are you doing it is Mimi here today. I’m So excited to be doing today’s hairstyle a because of the request that.

So many times and V guess what because it is super easy and fast and also the best part about this hairstyle which I’m going to call probably twisted waterfall hairstyle is the fact that it can work for both short or long hair. So let’s begin one of the main thing you are going to need for this hairstyle is your fingers you are not really going to need a lot and you are gonna need some bobby pins. I have I’ve already curled my hair you do not need to wave or curl your hair it can work on straight hair as well but, I find that it looks the prettiest unweighted my hair then you can watch our tutorial on easy everyday way.

So let’s begin and I’m gonna turn around and show you what I’m doing. So you guys can see exactly what I’m doing in the back let’s do it. So you can start with any one of the sides that works the best for you I’m gonna start with my left side and you are going to take a section of your hair sort of a one-inch section and what you are going to do is just bring it over just like that and if you get the first step you are going to get the whole technique of this twisted hair spell.

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So once you bring the section over you are going to take a section underneath in the sort of the same size and you are going to bring it over as well now watch my fingers and see what I’m doing as, I brought that section over I’m going to let my first section drop and I’m going to repeat that again. So take another section sort of the same size you know you want to go like half an inch you can do it smaller or bigger it is really up to you and bring it over and drop it and then you are going to take another section bring it over and drop it and you are kind of going in circle around you know around the top of your head and then you are finding more here take a section bring it over and drop the rest and then you are almost at the end of it. So you are going to grab leave you a couple more sections before we end this twist again bring it over let it drop and the last one bring it over let it drop and this is where it gets up just a little bit tricky.

So here we are going to just take a couple of bobby pins and we are going to pin the hair I’m going to turn it around. So you guys can see what I’m doing. So you are just going to take a bobby pin and you are gonna just put the pin down share them in a crisscross motion once you have pinned the section with some bobby pins you are pretty much done and I’m gonna turn around to show you what it looks like it is beautiful look that’s perfect for everyday you know school or work and you can also wear this you know when you are going out as well because it is just fancy enough to do that let me know how this tutorial works for you in the comment section below do not forget to rate this post with a thumbs up I will see in the next tutorial and have a nice day bye woof it.

Twisted Waterfall Hairstyle

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