Two Toned Short Hairstyles 

After trying many products that I didn’t like I made a decision to start paying closer attention to the ingredients in the products. I was on a mission to consume and use more natural products in and on my body, looking for products that didn’t contain a huge amount of chemicals.

Two Toned Short Hairstyles  Photo Gallery

With more and more studies showing the use of carcinogenic causing ingredients in many of the chemical compositions of beauty products, educating myself about these chemicals and the effect they have on the body and the hair became a very important mission of mine.

We have been conditioned to believe that petroleum and mineral oil, for example, are needed in grooming products for ethnic and multi-ethnic hair. After all, we had been using such hair products for year’s right? Well it turns out that these two ingredients are not good for ethnic hair or any hair at all. Ethnic hair needs moisture, a lot of it. Petroleum and mineral oil sit atop of the hair strands and act as a barrier that prevents moisture from being absorbed into the hair strands.

Two Toned Short Hairstyles 

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