Types Of Curly Perms 

Regular Care The Hair You Deserve.

Your hair shaft is composed of three distinct parts from outside to inside: cuticle, cortex and medulla.

The cuticle is the hard shingle-like outer layer of your hair shaft composed of overlapping, transparent, scale-like cells. This scale-like armour protects the more fragile core (cortex and medulla) of the hair fibre.

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An undamaged healthy cuticle lies flat along the strand’s surface, giving hair a shiny, smooth appearance that will not tangle because there is nothing for it to snag against.

Stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, excessive heat, hairstyling and other friction, as well as excessive exposure to nature’s elements: sun, wind and water, can degrade the protective abilities of the cuticle.

Things change.

All of us have something that we prefer done a certain way. You may like to separate the laundry while your significant other (SO) couldn’t care less. You may not need to make your bed in the morning while your beloved can’t start their day with still-creased sheets. Your SO says that they are going to do the dishes, but the next morning you wake up to find them all piled next to the sink, still dirty this is a common time to lose your shit.

But not you. You are mindful.

Types Of Curly Perms 

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