Unique Hairstyles For Black Women

Are you starving your hair?

Hair is one of the last parts of the body to get fed!

The human body is programmed to feed its vital organs first (the brain, heart, lungs, nervous system, muscles, kidney, liver, digestive system, etc.). Only once the organs that keep you alive have what they need to function does the body feed the organs that are less essential to life including the hair, skin and nails and others. That’s the reason malnourished people develop kwashiorkor – a key sign of which is thin reddish hair. That’s why people who are chronically ill tend to have dull and thinning hair or to lose their hair completely. The body uses any available food to deal with the most urgent and essential processes and conditions first. Only after that will it feed the hair.

It is also the reason that doctors tend to look at our hair, skin, and eyes as one of the first steps in a medical examination. It takes longer to notice good or bad changes in our hair than in our skin. A poor diet can result in pimples or acne or dry, dull-looking skin within days. On the other hand, it can take months before poor diet becomes noticeable in the texture and the behavior of our hair. However, when it does finally affect the hair, it can be as dramatic as total hair loss or unexplained hair breakage. Hair tells a lot about the state of our health – and how it has been for a long while.

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Ever notice how some people’s skin just glows and their hair looks so full and vibrant? The difference is in how they feed and we can learn from them. It is not enough to eat to keep your body alive or fill our stomach! We must eat to feed our whole self! That does not mean eat a lot – just make sure to eat small quantities of the right things in a balanced diet.

But just what is a balanced diet that will feed your hair? We’ll have a look at that up ahead in the following chapters of the blog. For now, just remember, our journey to a beautiful head of hair could just begin with the next thing that goes into our mouths.

Unique Hairstyles For Black Women

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