Unique Nail Art Designs 2017

5 questions for manicurist Tracylee 4 3 2 1 When clients like Cate Blanchett and Cameron Diaz entrust you with their nails, youve officially reached Guru status. Here, how the Sally Hansen nail ambassador clawed her way to the top plus her nail essentials, manicure secrets, and more. By Kate Sandoval Box.

And whats a typical work week like now?

I spend three to four days a week on shoots or movie sets, and squeeze in appointments with private clients. When I was shooting with Cate and Cameron, they had nail-lengthening enhancements, so I didnt have to be on set daily. But there can be a nail emergency Ive been called to the set at 5 a.m. to fix a nail! Youre such a master of nail art do you practice on your own nails? I do, but most of the time I dont wear polish, so I care a lot about how my nails look nude. I put cuticle oil on them no joke 10 times a day. Its the secret to healthy nails.

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I hold the cuticle oil brush upside down, pull some oil off it with my thumb and pointer finger, then massage that into my cuticles this lets me control how much I put on, so my fingers never get too greasy. What manicure mistakes drive you crazy? First is filing the nails in an unnatural shape, which makes them prone to breakage; match the shape of your cuticle. Second is skipping the base coat.

It makes a huge difference in how long your polish lasts because it prevents the oil in your nails from lifting off the color. And third is painting on thick coats of polish, which never dry properly. Its best to do three very thin coats. Is there a color you wish more people would try? Black. Its my go-to right now. Its cool and goes with everything.

Unique Nail Art Designs 2017

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