Updos For Long Thick Hair 

So, how do you maintain your crowning glory and get hair growing? Let’s get to it! Going coconuts

The best way to keep damage to a minimum is to condition your hair regularly from root to tip, inside and out. Regular conditioning helps your hair to keep the cuticle intact, reduces friction, adds shine and lessens the static charge on your hair.

This is common knowledge. But contrary to what you may already know, not many products actually penetrate into your hair shaft to give it the thorough conditioning it needs.

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My number one recommendation as a hair conditioner is Coconut oil.

The Facts: Coconut Oil can pass between the cuticle’s protective shingles and is easily absorbed by the cortex. It’s a wonderful natural solution to keeping the scalp healthy and promotes healthy hair and growth.

The critical difference between coconut oil and other oils, including synthetic and fragrant mixes, is that coconut oil penetrates through the hair cuticle and reaches the cortex.1 The low molecular weight of coconut oil allows it to be easily absorbed through your hair’s layers.2 So, unlike many topical creams and lotions, coconut oil is absorbed into the hair shaft and will not simply sit ‘on’ your hair making it heavy, dull and more prone to oiliness.2

Studies have established coconut oil has protective effects and the ability to actually help make hair stronger. For example, presoaking hair with coconut oil before using harsh chemicals, like bleach, will sofen the effects and damage these agents can have on your hair.

Coconut oil is best used as a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment, or blended with shop-bought shampoos. This procedure will protect the hair from being stripped of its natural oils during the shampooing process. I’ll discuss the effects of shampoo later in the blog.

Updos For Long Thick Hair 

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