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Hello my lovelies I’m coming to you with the tutorial for Valentine’s Day it is just this kind of Happ half updo half down do curly romantic pretty soft kind of look that you know, I think it is perfect for Valentine’s Day and, I think it would look great on everyone personally you know, I do not have long hair. So to create this look I’m definitely needing my lucky hair extensions I’m wearing the whole set 160 grams said in my number two dark brown color and yeah, I think it is a very easy look, I think anybody can do it this is what it looks like just a little kind of poof at the back you know and then just these pretty loose curls. So if you want to know how to recreate this look then just stay tuned and I will show you how okay.

So there’s a few things that we are going to need to recreate this look and because it is a Valentine’s Day one day here to be sort of romantic and loose curled I’m going to be using this cortex four-in-one curler and, I believe this is either one and a half or two inch curler the barrel just use the thickest one you have the widest one you have I’m going to need a bunch of brushes this one is just to brush through the hair before we start in this dematerialize the crown of our head I’m going to be using some bobby pins definitely hairspray this is Loreal Elnett that we use every single time in all of our tutorials and then before we start styling the hair or curling the hair this is the Tresemme heat tamer spray to protect the hair first thing you want to do is definitely just brush the hair really thoroughly just to make sure there is no tangles. So once you brush the hair the first step that you want to do is basically just bring forward your bank area for me it is going to be going from the right to the left. So I’m just gonna grab that section with fingers with my and just bring it forward like this and then this kind of hair at the crown is going to be going back and it is going to be is going to use a bobby pin for now to just put this away from my face while I’m going to be working on the you know this portion right here at the top right.

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So the first thing you want to do is just start teasing the crown of your head and since I’m wearing my lucky hair extensions I’m not going to be I’m just going to be very careful to not not tease the extensions. So what you want to do is just grab the section right above the left at the top and grab your hairspray and you have two options you can either spray this right on your roots before you tease or you can spray your brush as well before you start teasing, I think today I’m going to just um spray the brush. So just grab your hairspray and spray the brush then pick up the hair and start teasing it everybody knows how to tease most likely it is just you know pulling the hair up and using the brush to kind of concentrating at the roots bringing the hair down up and down like this alright.

So once you choose that section you let it go and you grab a little more hair from the top here and do the same thing just spray the brush grab your hair give it a nice tease okay let it go and then for this section right here I’m not going to use too much hairspray because, I do not want it to be too traumatic, I just want a little bit volume here like that and maybe a little hair from this side and then bring it back and you are going to look crazy like this. So what you want to do is just start smoothing it out with a brush like that. So once you smooth it out you want to basically bring this hair from the front back ok.

So just going to pick it up and I’m going to be leaving this here above my ear because I’m going for a more loose romantic look if you want it a more sleek look you could just pull up everything and you could do this I’m just going to leave a little bit of hair here and just bring all of this hair to the back and this is where the bobby pins come in handy. So we are going to just grab a few and start hitting them down ok. So we are just gonna release this front portion and do the same thing with it for the other side over here.

So I’m just going to grab this portion bring it back and make sure that you kind of reposition your weft if they are showing because you are putting your hair up. So some of the webs might be showing but the trick is to just play around and make sure that you are you know covering the weft with your hair. So just like that.

So I’m just going to turn around to show you what I’m doing and just start pinning the hair ok like that and basically we are just going to address this front portion right here which is your bangs or pretend banks because obviously, I do not have any real bangs. So I’m just gonna brush it out and pull this hair out as well and then I’m going to give it a nice just a slight tease and I’m going to just spray the roots and tease it up a little bit just. So it has some volume like that and then kind of bring the hair towards your ear ok like that and using a bobby pin I’m just going to secure that in place now you can fix the bangs and kind of bring it as much forward as you like.

So you can kind of cover your forehead more or less depending on how you like it and then just fix this part like that you can also bring out this proof um as big or as little as you like. So just kind of fix it up and you can use your rat tail comb as well, I do not have wine on hand. So I’m just going to use my fingers no biggie okay.

So we are almost finished now that the hair is up in place the last thing you want to do is just basically curl the bottom of your hair and I’m not going to be doing any precise curls we are just going for a very loose romantic style. So the first thing you do before you start curling is definitely use your hairs on not hairspray the heat protectant and just fray your hair all over and then while that’s drawing I’m going to spray this side okay alright. So the heat protectant has dried.

So I’m just going to start taking the bottom sections of hair and using a clip just put this hair back and just start curling kind of from the middle down nothing fancy just a regular curl holding it up for maybe about 10 to 15 seconds if you want to make sure that your curls last okay release it that’s what it looks like and just keep going and basically doing the same thing for the rest of the hair. So just grabbing sections and you see I’m going for I’m not going for small sections just kind of random about two inch sections is fine. So just put this curl back and then clip this away, I usually brush out the on the end of the section up here I’m about to curl and just start curling outwards alright.

So you are going to just basically do exactly the same thing for both sides. So going outwards for this side this way and then when we get to the other side I will show you how to hold the curler to get the curls kind of looking outwards alright. So when you get to the other side basically what you want to do is just hold the curler down and start wrapping the hair around kind of away from your face and that’s pretty much all you do for the rest of the head okay.

So when you are finished curling the hair this is what is going to look like like you can see the curls are kind of um very defined which, I do not want that I’m not going for that look. So what I’m going to do is just run my fingers through all the curls gently to open them up and make them more you know fluffy and more romantic not. So you know defined.

So do the same thing over here and what what that also does if if you are wearing extensions is it actually helps your hair to kind of blend in into the extensions and look at that it’s. So much more. So much more romantic, I think and just pretty and loose.

So at this point you just want to set all this with hairspray and what, I do is, I just lift the curls up and, I spray from the bottom off to give the curls some body okay. So like that do the same thing over here. So just kind of lift them up and spray from underneath like that try to avoid your eyes that’s a good idea alright.

So we are all done I will just show you what it looks like from the back. So it is very pretty very romantic alright. So then you want to just set this front portion and I’m just gonna spray this because, I have these really annoying little baby hairs that always stick out.

So I’m going to do the same for this side just lightly just to kind of set it into place. So here is my Valentine’s Day inspired hair, I do not know you guys give it a try, I think it is a very pretty and romantic look and, I think it would look great on everyone because even if you do not have bags bangs you can create them like me and if you have banks, I think would be even more adorable if you have those kind of sites web banks, I think it would be perfect as well and having this little poof right here just adds a little bit of drama to the look and of course the curls are always. So pretty and soft and romantic.

So, I think it is just the perfect look and, I hope you guys gives it wasn’t this year you have a Valentine’s date or you don’t, I think you have to make the best of it regardless and if you do not have a special date you know make it it with your girlfriends and you know dress up put some makeup on make you do your hair and look pretty look fabulous go out and make the best of it and you never know you might meet someone who is also single and out and you know instead of staying home and being sad, I think it is you know we still got to make the best of it and still have to live your life and enjoy it. So whatever it is that you do not Valentine’s Day, I hope you have an amazing time um stay fabulous and, I will see you guys in the next tutorial ciao.

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