Very Short Haircuts For Black Hair

Your Afro hair’s real “frenemy”

Surprise! Water – or rather moisture – is the best friend and enemy Afro hair can ever have. Please do not ignore this. Though you have heard it a thousand times this is one of the biggest challenges to managing Afro hair.

Water is the most important “food,c that Afro hair needs. Careful though, it can also become an enemy when left in contact with hair for too long. (This is discussed in an earlier post where we looked at “Handle Afro hair gently”). The relationship between water and hair is a major puzzle of beautiful Afro hair. Moisture is critical to the structure of the hair inside and is also vital to the behavior of the hair when applied properly to the outside.

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Before we look at food let’s look at the composition of hair. Hair is predominantly made up of a fibrous protein called keratin (Keratin is also the main protein in bird feathers and the hoofs, claws, and horns of animals!) Almost 70 per cent of the hair is protein. In addition to the proteins and small amounts of natural fats and minerals that go to build healthy hair, the hair shaft contains up to one third water (Actual amounts vary from 20 – 30 per cent depending on hair type and the individual person). Water is the second most abundant component of hair! It is obvious that an adequate intake of water improves the texture and condition of Afro hair.

Drink enough water! This is where good nutrition starts. For some of us this may be the only piece of information we need to turn the condition of our hair around!

Very Short Haircuts For Black Hair

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