Victoria and David Beckham Photos 2016

FAMILY FIRST One of the few things that Victoria and David have in common these days is their genuine love for their kids. But is that enough to sustain their troubled L. marriage?


An image of cool, steely perfection has long been central to Victoria Beckham’s brand. Even her self-bestowed Spice Girls nickname, Posh, suggests nothing so much as wealth, success and material abundance. So the news that her high-end fashion label is in financial trouble and that she tried to hide it from the public by burying a $7 million payoff from her husband, David, in the businessbooks (if not for him, she’d have posted a $5 million loss in 2015) strikes at the heart of the 41-year-old designer’s reputation. She’s humiliated, a source explains. She’s always been so proud of her line, so to have to be bailed out by her husband is terrible for her. But that’s not her only problem. The insider explains that Victoria’s health and marriage are suffering as well, creating a perfect storm of negativity that seems to be getting worse by the minute. She’s really unhappy right now.


Indeed, despite their shared commitment to their beautiful family Brooklyn, 17, Romeo, 13, Cruz, 11, and Harper, 4 David and Victoria have been living separate lives for some time, the source says, and her business woes have only widened the gap between them. She’s always been stiff and standoffish, but the recent stress is making her angry, the source reports. David tries to offer solutions, saying she should sell the company or hire someone to run it, but that only infuriates her. She relies on the fashion label to prove to the world she has talent. She thinks he’s not being understanding of her position.

The soccer great has also tried to improve the situation with distractions, whisking Posh and the kids off to the Indian Ocean and on a ski trip over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. But even that was only a temporary balm. It lifted her spirits for a while, says the source, but now she’s back to sequestering herself. Her weight has plummeted, and she’s not sleeping. At this point, David does not know what to do.

A reprieve of sorts may be coming, as David sets up shop in Miami in the coming months, where he’s launching a pro soccer team while Victoria remains in London. She does not want him to go, the source explains, but she’s also sick of fighting and thinks it may do them some good to have a break. And, despite their desire to stay together for their brands, a divorce might ultimately be the only option. Says the source: They’re both at wit’s end. OK!

While David is talkative and more than happy to eat a steak, according to Puck, frosty Victoria won’t touch anything but steamed vegetables usually spinach with just a touch of salt and everything has to be right. The chef may be fed up, but her friends are worried She’s all but stopped eating,” one confesses, confirming Puck’s report It always happens when she’s got a lot on her mind.

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Victoria and David Beckham Photos 2016

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