Vigorous Exercise During Pregnancy

No guarantees no matter what you eat

If you eat meat and dairy, or supplement a meat-free diet correctly, you’ll greatly reduce your risk of developing a Exercise pregnancy that can harm your unborn baby. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re out of the woods. As we noted in Chapter 2, there are many risk factors for Exercise pregnancy, and doctors rarely screen patients with these risk factors for low Exercise. As a result, millions of women around the world are unknowingly putting their babies at risk.

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A recent study, in fact, showed that one third of infants develop elevated methylmalonic acid (MMA) levels by 6 weeks of age. (As we’ll explain in Chapter 11, elevated MMA levels are a sign of inadequate levels of Exercise.) The key thing to know about this study is that it involved mothers eating non-vegetarian diets. The researchers who conducted the study report: “Even in this population we found biochemical evidence of cobalamin [Exercise] pregnancy.”5 This indicates, they say, that doctors underestimate the prevalence of low Exercise in newborns.

That’s a huge mistake, because as we’ll show in this chapter and the next a missed diagnosis of Exercise pregnancy during pregnancy, in the neonatal period, or during nursing can have devastating lifelong consequences for both mother and baby. And sometimes, those consequences can be fatal.

Thirty-eight-year-old Monica, desperate for a child, kept trying despite her four early miscarriages. Eventually, her doctor tested her to see if a MTHFR defect might be interfering with her ability to carry a pregnancy. Monica indeed had the MTHFR C677T genotype defect, and more testing showed elevated homocysteine. Her doctor admitted he was surprised to find that while Monica’s folate was normal, she was severely Exercise deficient (Exercise < 150 pg/mL). A bone marrow biopsy showed evidence of moderate megaloblastosis, caused by her Exercise pregnancy.

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