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In this period, your hair may come out of your head. Your hair, previously shiny, densely packed and straightened, is now electrified and planted in the air; thick and plump curls may suddenly become weak. All of them will be passed after birth but you still apply hair care techniques and use quality products. Be gentle with your hair, avoid using the fon machine in high temperature while shaping, do not use hair dye, do not perm.


Hair can be electrically activated when they are too dry. Take a very small amount of sweet almond oil in your pouch and feed it well. Then rub your hands on your hair.

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Even women with straight hair notice that as soon as their breastfeeding period is over their hair changes and swells. The hair may suddenly become dry and puffy. Use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner until your hair returns to normal.


You can straighten your hair with the help of a straightening tool when your hair is curled while you are trying to shape.


Before you go to bed, knit your hair and stick it on your head. When you get up in the morning, open the braids and foam your hair


Most doctors now say that hair coloring is safe after the first three months. But if you still do not mind, you can try to burn henna or make a shadow. (Foil wrapped in hair while doing shade prevents chemistry from touching hair.)

I have a new birth and my hair is falling, is this normal condition?

We lose about 70 wire hair per unit per day. The duration of pregnancy is the amount of hormones that keep these hair tails that are normal. However, these hair tails must be poured at the end. For this reason, hair loss increases after the birth of the next six months or when the duration of breastfeeding is over. Use vitamins and do not worry. Your hair will be replaced by new ones.

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There are three varieties of murmur which mean non-natural voices from the heart:

The first of these is the murmurs emerging later on. The reason is a rheumatism that requires skin care that inflammates the heart’s blood vessels and leaves trail afterwards. This causes the pathway of the heart to be narrowed or blocked. The doctor says that if there is a murmur that the child’s heart has not seen before, it is an inflammation. In this case, symptoms such as fever, acceleration of pulse rate, constant red blood cell and increased sedimentation are seen. Even if it lasts for months, the child should not go out of the way until all the symptoms have passed. On the other hand, if there is no other indication of inflammation, murmurs are attributed to a past infection.

Even if there was no sign of active infection in the past, a child with constant murmurs was considered to be a semi-sick person, requiring avoidance of any strenuous activity. Today, disease; if it has passed completely and the marks do not make the normal work of the heartbeat, then there is no disadvantage in life without hesitation of the child’s normal life. There are two reasons for this. Unless there is inflammation, normal life conditions strengthen the heartbeat islands. The second reason is to prevent the child from feeling sick and self-conscious.

Virtual Hairstyles For Women

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