WALNUT OIL For Weight Loss

WALNUT OIL For Weight Loss

Walnut oil was once used exclusively for timber finishing but today the very good supply of omega-3 (11.5g) makes it a beneficial edible oil, ideal for those special salad dressings. Keep the guests guessing: add a teaspoon of walnut oil to the Waldorf salad and get the best of both worlds, or add a drop in the pancake mix, or the guacamole or dips. Walnut oil also provides an abundance of omega-6 (58g) and a fair supply of phytosterols (176mg), for cholesterol reduction. Walnut oil is nearly 90% unsaturated with over 20% in the form of mono-unsaturated (oleic acid). Walnut oil is a well-balanced oil for daily use. Serve up the Waldorf, waiter!

VITAMIN E CALORIES – total: 884 kcal. per 100 grams

149mg Saturated: 18.8g Poly: 61.7g Mono: 15.1g

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WALNUT OIL For Weight Loss

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