Wavy Hairstyles 

Haircare Guide For Best Wavy Hairstyles 

Non-soluble silicones require the help of sulfate shampoos or clarifying in order to remove the silicone coating from the hair. This may seem meaningless to some, however, if you are trying to retain moisture then you may want to refrain from using non-soluble silicone products. Although water soluble silicones only require water to dissolve them, they may still not be the best choice for your hair. If your hair requires daily moisturizing, unless you co-wash frequently, these silicones may not give your hair the moisture it needs.

The coating on the hair from any type of silicone, either water soluble or non-soluble, prevents moisture and protein from penetrating the hair shaft. Additionally, when an overload of silicone products are applied to hair, the buildup from the silicone coating can eventually cause breakage. Because of this, regularly clarifying the hair after using silicone products is important to prevent buildup.

Whether silicones are good or bad for your hair depends on your hair’s reaction to them. The best advice that I can give you is to become educated about silicone products and try them for yourself to see your hair’s reaction to them, before coming to a final conclusion.

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Wavy Hairstyles 

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