Ways To Banish Belly Fat

Understand why there is a sense of Helplessness about YOUR eating behaviour

You may think the main thing you are struggling is feeling helpless over your uncontrollable urge to eat and eat. However, years of experience have proved to me that the abiding sense of helplessness over food, although deeply distressing, is really a product or consequence of a deeper experience of helplessness.

1. You feel helpless about how to deal with your self-doubts and self-worth.

2. You feel helpless about how to get real satisfaction in life and be able to do what you really want to.

3. You feel helpless about satisfying your own needs for safety, survival and sustenance.

4. You feel helpless when you need to assert yourself in a variety of situations at home, at work, socially and with your family.

5. You feel helpless when you feel empty inside and so you need to fill yourself up!

You eat when you feel helpless in one or more of these five ways because the experience of helplessness is almost instantaneously transformed into the uncontrollable urge to eat.

Taking action, even in quite minor ways, sets up a pattern of self-reinforcing confidence. You take a step and you suddenly realise that you are NOT helpless. You can do things that make a difference to your life. It’s a very powerful realisation and it unhinges the limiting old attitude of helplessness. You wake up and say Wow! I really can do tons of things and you step onto the pathway of freedom that will change your life forever.

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Ways To Banish Belly Fat

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