Staying back late at work everyday? You’re not necessarily a hard worker, you could just be viewed as an inefficient one. Learn to be a smart worker using these easy-to-follow hacks. By Reema Behl
Does 5 pm merely signal that you have got tonnes more to do? Does lunch herald a 20-minute break in your day? If you are at work well after everyone else has left, you need our hacks to become a productivity whiz kid.
Break-ing the flow of your day?
No, you do not have to take a break every few minutes; every 25 minutes is just about right.
You can be more focussed and finish your work quickly if you break your day into precisely-timed chunks. Try the Pomodoro Technique; it works with your brain’s attention span as you focus your attention and energy on one task for 25 minutes. And at the end of that time, give yourself a five-minute break, advises
Eat the frog
Procrastination is the devil or is it a frog? We all have that task we dread we jump into our emails or wander around the water cooler trying to avoid doing it. Set a clear amount of time to the dreadful task and you will find yourself working more rapidly as you attempt to beat the clock. As an added bonus, if you challenge yourself, you will experience a feeling of well-being and happiness that will add to your efficiency, says Sushma.
Do it now
Can’t write an article? Open a document and start keying in the basic details of the topic. Getting started gives you the push to see the task through. Fight procrastination by adopting the do it nowmantra. When making a decision, give yourself only 60 seconds.
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