Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair 

Haircare Guide For Best Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair 

In the early stages of my transition journey, I discovered that I actually have four different textures in my one head of hair. The hair in the crown area of my head has a kinkier texture than the rest. The hair by the nape of my neck is a softer, looser, more manageable curl texture. The right side of my hair is a tighter coiled curl while the left side of my head has more of a looser coiled curl.

Now, I’m very clear in my transition journey story to point out that the initial part of the journey was not an easy one. I’m so grateful to my sister Daphne who not only encouraged me to go natural, but on several occasions had to talk me out of my venturing into the beauty supply store to buy a jar of relaxer. My conversation went something like this while I was pulling up to the parking lot of the beauty supply store, “You have five minutes to give me your pep talk because I’m about to walk into this store and buy me a jar of perm! I can’t deal with this thick hair.”

To this day I’m so thankful for her encouragement and support in my tantrum and “wanting to give up” modes because four years later I’m so in love with my natural tresses and would have gone natural a lot earlier on in my life if I had the knowledge that I have today.

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Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair 

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