Wedding Hairstyles Updo


Collect small leaves of your choice and flatten using a flower press (you can also place them between the pages of a large, heavy hook to achieve the same effect). Leave In the press for up to a week. Glue to an A6 sheet of parchment paper using Spray Mount. Print numbers from a computer, then carefully cut them out and stick them to the paper beside the leaf.

Leather-leaf ferns, £3.65 per bunch, lower press kit, £25, and uotiues, £4 for three, letal frame £29.99, Parchment paper, £4 for 20 sheets, pray Mount, £9.99, Arrangemer (David Austin roses, English ferns, bay leaves, rosemary, sage, eucalyptus and dill), £50, “º



Place a folded napkin over a fern, then tie to your cutlery using a black ribbon. Rose-gold cutlery, £180 for 24 pieces, Casa Couture at (similar 40p per piece, to hire, helene Ribbon, 70p, Napkin, £1.09, to hire, Leather-leaf ferns, as before


Take ceramic letter dishes and fill them with floral foam. Insert small sprigs of leaves into the foam until completely filled. Add water to keep fresh.

Pistache foliage, £1.25 per bunch, Ceramic dishes, £11.95 each, The Letteroom at Oasis floral foam, £4.99, Tissue paper confetti, £1 for 7g, Foil confetti, £2.75 for 15g,


Take three different types of foliage and cut into sprigs roughly 6in long. Take one of each type of sprig, and tie together with floral tape. Attach this bunch to a wire wreath (ours was 10in in diameter) using floral wire (1). Then attach another bunch underneath the first one, half way up (2) and repeat until both rings are fully covered. Stick on the banner using a hot glue gun. Eucalyptus, from £1.95 per bunch, trianglenursery. Wire wreath, from £7.99, Silver floral wire, £1.99 for 22 metres; pliers, £5, and florist tape, £2 for 27.4 metres, Wreath banner, from £5, Bonjour Laura J at Floral scissors, similar £5.90, oasishomeandhobby. Shirt, similar £10.99, and chinos, £12.99, Braces, £14, “º


Cut thick aluminium wire and shape into different sized circles, attaching floral tape to the ends with floral wire over the top. Place the fern on top of the hoop shape wrapping floral wire around the end of the stem to attach (1). Secure to the hoop with floral wire at three points. Repeat, layering the next stem half way up the first one (2). Use wire to hang.

Asparagus tree ferns, £3.51 per bunch, and asparagus ming ferns,

£6.50 per bunch, Oasis aluminium wire, £5 for 10 metres, Chocolate and beetroot cake, £430 (serves 120), Cake stand, £35, Table, £5.23; side plates, 30p each, and canape fork, 65p, all to hire, Leather-leaf ferns; silver floral wire; pliers; uotiues and florist tape, as before

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Wedding Hairstyles Updo

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