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You’re planning a rehearsal dinner, but this couple has planned and attended 61 of their own weddings around the world. Emma Elms tracked them down on the eve of wedding 61 in Corfu to find out, well, why?


They knew they shared a love of travel, but never imagined they’d end up visiting over 30 diferent countries, ‘marrying’ in every one of them.

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‘We’re crazy romantics,’ says Lisa, ‘and having agreed to go travelling, we decided our trip had to have a special purpose – we would go in search of the perfect wedding.’ Teir big trip has lasted two and a half years so far, and they plan to continue until autumn 2014, when they hope to reach Australia.

Tey will then return to their favourite destination to ofcially marry. Even though they’ve never signed any legal documents, they take every ceremony very seriously, adopting local customs and donning appropriate wedding attire, all in the name of big-day research. So, are they as in love as they were at the frst ceremony in their hometown of Didsbury, Greater Manchester? ‘Yes, even more so!’ says Lisa. ‘We’re together 24 hours a day, seven days a week, sharing the confned space of our camper van where we sleep.

We’ve survived without a single argument and get nervous ahead of every wedding.’Before every day became a honeymoon, Lisa worked as a retail manager and Alex owned a car body repair business, which they sold to fund the trip.

Tey’ve relied on help from hoteliers, suppliers and people they’ve met along the way, also raising money for Unicef through donations. Te couple have now received Australian residency and ultimately plan to settle there, starting the next chapter of their lives as the ‘62 times’ husband and wife.

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