Weight loss after baby

Today is known as “Toxic Tuesday.”

As your body detoxifies, you get everything from caffeine headaches to cramped muscles, moodiness…and it happens today. It’s been 48 hours and guess what? I’m fine. Sure, my legs are sore, but once I get moving, they warm up and feel fine. I would love an Americano, but I can live without. And I feel clear-headed and upbeat, ready for a challenging day. Toxic Tuesday? Not me.

Breakfast today is homemade granola, fresh almond milk and large scoops of fresh berries.

Every day is a different hike, and today it is a challenge: short in distance (4 miles) but vertical. My glutes, quads, legs, feet are all sore as I slowly make my way up the mountain.

I decide to take a break and glance at my watch: It’s only been 5 minutes.

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Weight loss after baby

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