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That sick feeling at the end of the weekend is not okay, says writer Rebecca Sloan THERE I WAS, SITTING IN OUR LOCAL TREN DY CAFE one morning in April, and I felt sick. It was like a kettlebell was swinging in my stomach – and no, it wasnt the eggs Benny I d just scoffed.

It was a feeling that had become way too familiar over the past few months – as Sunday crept along, the dread ofthe week ahead loomed like leg day after a summer of siestas and spaghetti in Europe.

Sound familiar? It s called the Sunday sads and, according to Megan Dalla-Camina, career strategist and creator of The Career Toolkit, its something shes been hearing about regularly from her clients. It can range from a mild irritation to serious anxiety that often creeps in around lunchtime on a Sunday – and is usually a reflection of how theyre feeling about their career, explains Dalla-Camina.

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In hindsight, my work life was definitely at the root of my pre-Monday slump. From the outside, my media job looked pretty sweet – I got endless invites to movie screenings and hung out on photo shoots with major celebrities, but I was worn out by my daily three-hour commute and the need to always be on. I couldnt even read a celebrity news site in the morning without scanning for pop culture s latest answer to normcore or whats good. After seven years in the industry, I no longer cared enough for it to feel worth it.

Its when you lose this why, that things start to slip. Most of us need our work to feel meaningful, says Dalla-Camina. To find a role that fulfils this, you need to get clear on the vision you have for your life. What feels purposeful for you, and how do you build a career plan around that?

It also helps if youre using your strongest skills on a daily basis. We know from research that when we re using our strengths we re more engaged, we re happier, were healthier and we have better life satisfaction, says Dalla-Camina.

If you want to do a bit of navel-gazing, she recommends the free strength-analysis survey at viame.org, which takes 15 minutes and will help you get clear on your skills.

Weight Loss Before And After

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