There is no limit to the variety of patterns you might find. Don’t let this prospect intimidate you. Just pay attention to the training input variables that matter to you, keep monitoring your enjoyment, and patterns will reveal themselves one by one. You will never even come close to identifying every factor that affects your running enjoyment, but each factor you do identify will be valuable and will be one more factor than you would have identified if you had not performed this type of analysis.

Start by trying to determine if you tend to enjoy certain types of workouts more than others. If you do, think about why this is the case and if anything needs to be done about it. The right answer will seldom be obvious. A pattern of not enjoying a particular type of workout as much as others may indicate that your expectations for it are unrealistic.

It may indicate that you are doing that type of workout too often (and thus ceasing to benefit from it) or not often enough (and thus failing to get comfortable with the sort of stress it imposes). Start with your first hunch, test it out, and if it does not work, move on to the next hunch. It is a blind process, but one in which you are guaranteed to learn lessons that will help you get more enjoyment out of your training and better results.



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