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For me, at 29, I knew I wouldnt be able to belay my way off the cliff of Over It. I wanted to take the plunge as a freelancer, but I d just forked out alot of money for a wedding and I had a mortgage to pay.

This is one ofthe biggest hurdles, says Dalla-Camina. The further into a career path you get, the more you get used to earning a certain income and the lifestyle youve built around it.

You can pull off a big change – but youll need some guts and a plan. There will never be a right time, says Dalla-Camina. But its still important to have an exit strategy that ensures you have key things in place, like support and finances, so chucking in your job will not turn out to be even more stressful.

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I started talking to everyone I knew who had been a freelancer in my industry, getting all the insider info on the good, the bad and whether there was work (lots, apparently – phew!).

After talking it over with my hubby and crunching the finances so we knew we d be able to cover our mortgage and essentials like food (no more new Nikes for a while, dammit), I quit. And, oh boy, the relief.

Six months later, I m more zen than Teresa Palmer and Phoebe Tonkin combined. I work three or four days a week at various companies who book me for busy times (but because I m not a permanent team member I just breeze in and out, feeling none ofthe stress), and I earn only a tiny bit less than I did before.

Im never short of work – in fact, I often have to turn it down. Now, the only feelings I get in my stomach on a Sunday are hunger pangs if the waitress takes too long to bring out my eggs Benedict.

Weight Loss Eating Plan

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