Weight Loss Exercise Plan

I invited all the girls I knew in town to a Facebook event to kick off my first session, and turned up at the footy oval (a beautiful little spot in town near the water) to see more than 20 girls waiting there for me, ready to work out.

Since then, its grown incredibly. Im surprised at how it keeps growing. Word of mouth is how most people are hearing about Bodyhype – the girls just keep bringing their friends who bring their friends and so on… Weve had more than 100 girls come down to boot camp! We re expanding so much that I ve just hired a new trainer, Gabriel. She started as a boot camp member and has had a pretty incredible transformation herself.

For men who move to a new place, all they have to do to meet new people is join a sporting team. For women, its not so easy. I started Bodyhype as a way to meet new friends in a town thats five hours away from my own family and friends, but also so the women of Junee would have something to focus on and call their own.

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We now have an amazing support group and think of each other as family.

Its really sweet! We have young girls who are 14 and still at school and my oldest super woman is 67. They know boot camp is a safe place where they can talk to anyone, work out without being judged on what theyre wearing, or feel silly during exercise. Our abs constantly get a good workout from all the giggling we do.

Apart from the local rec centre, Im the only fitness set-up in our town of 5000 people – an area once known to be one of the most overweight areas in Australia. Not anymore! But personal training isnt just about helping people lose weight or tone up, its deeper than that. An individual s fitness journey involves so much more than simply turning up and working out. I take a holistic approach when it comes to teaching them how to lead a healthy life and mindset is a super important part of that.

You become a friend, motivator, confidant, mother, nutritionist and trainer, all in one.

My alarm goes off at 5am every day and I run boot camp sessions every morning and evening from Monday to Friday. I sometimes throw in a one-off Saturday class too if I feel like ditching my weekend sleep-in. Its definitely challenging to always be the upbeat, positive, chirpy instructor at 6am or 6pm, regardless of what my day has been like. But what makes my job so rewarding is that I get to make an awesome impact on others lives. It s been an amazing journey so far.

Weight Loss Exercise Plan

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