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How children mature

As we discussed in detail in Exercise 19, people seem to go through seven-year cycles.

During the first seven years of life, up to the age when the child loses its baby teeth and gets its permanent teeth, the overall average brain frequency is in the delta and theta ranges. Children simply take in information, without analyzing it.

The development of permanent teeth seems to signal a change of life. The child is now going to school. The alpha part of the brain matures and becomes prominent.

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From then until the age of puberty, the overall dominant brain frequency is in the alpha range. This 7-14 cps functioning corresponds to the child’s age, which is approximately 7-14 years old. During this second life cycle, the child is very creative and imaginative characteristics of the alpha level.

Puberty signals a third life cycle.

The child matures and so does the brain. Now the beta frequencies – 14-21 cps – become prominent.

Then, in nine out of 10 people, logic takes over, and imagination, creativity and intuition are mostly left behind.

A source of valuable skills for young athletes

Sports and fitness programs can be very valuable teaching tools for young people, helping them to hold onto that imagination, creativity and intuition. A teenage athlete can learn both left- and right-brain skills while participating in sports.

Children are great imitators. They will follow your lead.

All champions, superstars and leaders in every field have found ways to relax, clear their minds and concentrate their full attention on their goals. When they do this, they lower their brain frequency to alpha, where they can use the full power of both brain hemispheres to help them achieve their goals.

Teach your young athletes how to enter their level. Go to level with them Program with them and for them

The inner game was once the most difficult to master because a reliable way to teach people to enter the alpha dimension did not exist.

Weight Loss Exercise Plan For Men

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