Weight Loss Exercise Programs For Beginners

Use the two scenes workout and fitness technique.

• In Monitor Number 1, replay the situation the way it happened. This might give you some insight into why you reacted the way you did.

• Then erase the problem image, and in Monitor Number 2, imagine responding differently, without anger. Program that in the future, whenever you encounter a similar situation, you will remain in control of your emotions, the way that you have programmed in that second monitor.

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• In the future, if you happen to think of the person or situation that triggered the anger, immediately recall the solution image that you created in Monitor Number 2. Let this be your memory of the way the situation occurred.

Control Your Emotions

In order to help you control your anger, you can incorporate the Three Fingers Workout and Fitness workout and fitness technique into your programming.

• First, visualize the problem in the first monitor by recalling a situation when you were angry and out of control.

• Then, erase that image.

• In Monitor Number 2, imagine yourself bringing the tips of the thumb and first two fingers of either hand together, and as you take a deep breath and exhale, you relax and respond without the anger. You are in control. Your body remains relaxed while you deal with the person or situation. While doing this programming, actually put your three fingers together.

• Later, when you encounter a person or situation that starts to make you angry, just bring together the thumb and first two fingers of either hand, take a deep breath, exhale and recall the image of yourself in the second monitor, remaining calm and relaxed. Remember how relaxed you were at your level when you imagined how you would take care of the problem without anger.

Weight Loss Exercise Programs For Beginners

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