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What happens if you are insulin resistant?

This is where the problems begin. If you are insulin resistant because of the effect of all that processed food and those sugar-laced sodas you have consumed, then your VTA will be resistant to leptin. It won’t see any leptin signals telling it to stop releasing dopamine. Also, insulin won’t clear down dopamine from reward central. The consequence of this is disastrous.

If the release of dopamine is not stopped, if dopamine keeps on being released, you keep on being rewarded for eating. The feeling of pleasure continues. You keep eating.

Meanwhile at Reward Central no messages had been received

This happens despite the fact that your energy stores are full. Meanwhile your trusty energy storage hormone insulin keeps doing its job. You keep eating, it keeps on stuffing your fat cells with fat. And so starts a vicious cycle of continuous consumption and weight gain.

Unfortunately, there’s a double whammy. Why? Because sweet things hit the spot. They give you the greatest pleasure. You crave the very things you need to avoid: cookies, cakes and candy, all full of the demon sugar.

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Weight Loss Exercise Swimming

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