Weight Loss Exercises For Beginners At Home

Your Four New Habits

If you have already started these new habits, so much the better. Within 21 days of starting these new habits they’ll become second nature to you. These are very simple habits, but vitally important. The benefits are huge – best of all they’ll make you feel great.

1. The Sleep Habit – Get between 7 & 7/z hours sleep every day.

This habit will involve your changing usual routine. It may take a bit of getting used to, but the pay-off is worth it. Remember to eat your evening meal as early as you can, avoid late night snacks or alcoholic drinks and be determined not to look at your computer/iPad/phone at least an hour before you turn in. The quality of your sleep is as important as the length of your sleep.

2. The No Snack Habit – Cut out snacks.

You do not need to snack. Snacks are an invention designed by food companies to get you to buy more of their products. It’s estimated that 25% of our daily calorie intake comes from snacks. Don’t give in to temptation. If you feel hungry drink a glass of water. If you still feel hungry eat a piece of fruit.

3. The Drink Water Habit – Drink between 7-8 glasses a day.

It’s in the best interests of your health and your metabolism to be properly hydrated. Your metabolism works best when you are. You avoid becoming bloated when you are properly hydrated.

You’ve probably been answering thirst signals with food. Drinking water regularly throughout the day will help prevent that. You’ll get used to drinking more water and feel much better for it – and it’ll help you lose weight too.

4. The Small Portion Habit – Reduce your portion sizes.

This is the simplest way to stop eating too much. Reduce your portion sizes and you will reduce your weight. Say no to second helpings. You’ll find that the less you eat the less you want to eat. Use a small plate if you think it might help.

Success comes from…commitment!

You now know why things happen. You have the knowledge and the tools to put them right. Your weight, your health is now in your hands.

The Slim Habit is simple, but effective. All it requires is your commitment, a commitment to change your habits and to maintain those habits. Just remember that the Slim Habit is not a diet, it is not something you do for a while and then stop, even when you have reached your target weight. It’s a means to achieve a better, slimmer, healthier life – a commitment for life. The habits you have learned will become hard-wired in your brain, and will continue to support your new slim, healthy life. You may wish to adjust what you do from time to time, like the number of Low Calorie Days you do each week, for example, but the ongoing management of your weight and your health is down to you. You know how to do it. Just do it!

Your Slim Habit – make it work for you.

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Weight Loss Exercises For Beginners At Home

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