Weight Loss Exercises For Beginners

Eating the right food

Diets tell you what food to eat. Their prescriptive regimes eventually turn your life into a nightmare – and put you off trying to lose weight. They are unsustainable.

If you understand what processed foods can do to you, if you are aware what causes your biochemistry to be turned on its head, you can make informed choices about what you eat and drink. The best way to do this is not to become a slave to a list of food and drink you are allowed or not allowed, but simply keep as near as you can to the Recommended Daily Allowances for sugar, salt, fat, saturated fat and fibre.

By keeping to the Recommended Daily Allowance for sugar, salt, fat, saturated fat and fibre you will find that you will be steered towards healthier food, more common-sense choices, choices that help you to keep within the RDAs.

It takes time and patience at the beginning to get used to the labels and keeping score. But the bonus is that you can choose whatever you want to buy and to eat as long as you keep within your RDAs.

Much of what you do initially will be about finding alternatives to the products you normally buy, and then when you get home, working out how much you can eat. We all tend to buy very similar things every week so eventually shopping and meal planning will become easy. It’s all about becoming aware of new choices, and there are plenty of them.

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Weight Loss Exercises For Beginners

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