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Troublemakers see the fun in being good

Shortly after completing the Exercise course, Marie Buckingham (now Burleson) found herself faced with a challenge in a junior high school classroom

There were four troublemakers in the room four girls who seemed to have no interest in getting an education. Instead, they wanted to attract attention to themselves and disrupt the class so nobody else could participate. Their behavior was not limited to this one classroom The same four girls had a reputation among the faculty and counselors at the school for causing similar trouble in all their classes.

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For one week, Marie programmed herself to wake up a little earlier than usual so that she could project to these four girls while they were still sleeping.

“I would get up, maybe 15 minutes early,” she recalled, “and project each one on my mental screen, sometimes all of them together, and spend maybe five minutes, maybe less, with each one. I’d just remind her that I thought she was a wonderful person.

“And they were all nice little girls. They were rebellious. They didn’t know what they were rebelling against, but they were rebelling against the system of boredom and all that, because they were very intelligent.

“And I told them that I did love them, and I hoped that they would cooperate in the class so that they and their classmates and I could all enjoy the class, and that I looked forward to having them do this, and I’d appreciate it. And I thanked them”

After the next class session, Marie asked the four girls to stay for one minute. “I told them verbally that they were creating problems in the class, and that I knew they could enjoy the class and help the other students enjoy it. Then I told them, I know what kind of people you are. ’

“One little girl looked alarmed. Then I said, I don’t know what you’re doing that for, because I happen to know you’re a nice person, but you don’t seem to think so.’

“And I told them that we were just not going to have that kind of behavior in class, and I wanted them to know it.”

Weight Loss Exercises For Women

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