Weight Loss Exercises For Hips And Stomach

Getting in Sync – Exercise, loading the silver bullet!

Exercise is primarily about health and well-being. You won’t lose weight just by taking exercise, but you will put on weight if you do not take exercise.

Why? Because if you do not take regular exercise your body, your systems, do not function properly. Exercise keeps youin tune. When you do not take exercise your weight increases – and you put yourself in line to succumb to some very nasty diseases that could ruin, and shorten, your life.

If you want to lose weight and maintain your weight loss, exercise has to be part of what you do. Here is how exercise makes a difference:

Exercise, aerobic exercise, exercise that gets your heart beating faster, gets rid of toxic visceral fat, the fat that collects around your major organs such as your heart, liver and intestines and which also manifests itself as belly fat. This toxic, pro-inflammatory fat can cause cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance leading to type 2 diabetes, and cancer. The good news is that visceral fat is the fat that goes first when you start to take regular exercise.

Exercise improves your metabolic state, in other words it improves the efficiency of the chemical reactions in your body and specifically your calorie burning efficiency. You work better.

By building muscle through exercise you improve your insulin sensitivity and your and insulin levels are lowered. Exercise also improves leptin signalling and makes your internal communication systems work properly. You start to function efficiently.

Exercise is the best way to reduce stress. By managing your stress level through exercise you reduce, if not eliminate, cortisol from your system. Remember cortisol increases your appetite, particularly for sugary carbohydrates. Exercise to reduce stress and prevent weight gain.

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Weight Loss Exercises For Hips And Stomach

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