Weight Loss Exercises For At Home

It’s your diet again!

The evolutionary mismatch strikes again. The effect of your energy-dense, high-in-sugar, low-in-fibre processed food diet, and all those sugary drinks are to blame. Your compromised biochemistry now plays havoc with your reward system.

And then, on top of everything else,lifeworks against you!


Everybody experiences stress in their daily lives, but what is stress? Stress can be positive, a motivator even. It can keep you sharp and aware, but when you suffer too much stress, it is bad for you. Recent studies have found that there’s a link between increased levels of stress and being overweight or obese. So it is important to know why this link occurs and how to deal with it.

Your body has a response to stress. Whenever you experience stress, real or imagined, your brain interprets it as a threat. This response is very much a part of our evolutionary history, when survival depended upon an immediate reaction to a threat, when the options open to you were either tofight or take flight. Whatever option you chose required lots of instant energy. Today, the circumstances which threaten us, which cause us stress, may not be life-threatening, but your brain reacts in the same way as it did thousands of years ago.

Here’s what happens.

When you are stressed, your amygdala, which is part of your emotional brain, signals to your hypothalamus that you are under stress. It then alerts yourmaster gland, your pituitary gland, to tell your adrenal glands (they sit on top of your kidneys) to release a hormone called cortisol.

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Weight Loss Exercises For At Home

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