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Motivator Number Two – Reward

We all have an ingenious system hard-wired in us. Sometimes called ourmaster motivator, it is our reward system. It’s an extremely smart mechanism we all possess which plays a vital role in our lives.

Why a reward system?

Think about it. If there was no element of reward in your life, you wouldn’t be motivated to do much. Why would you do something unless there was some benefit in it for you? On the other hand if you are rewarded for doing something, you have motivation. If you didn’t enjoy sex you wouldn’t do it. So reward has a vital role in the perpetuation of the human race. If you didn’t enjoy eating you would be reluctant to spend time looking for nutritious things to eat, and you would fatally compromise your ability to survive.

It’s easy to see why reward plays an important part in your survival. Over thousands of years our reward mechanism has developed to be the force that drives what we do, what we need to do. Whether you like it or not, you are programmed to seek out things that give you pleasure, that reward you.

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Weight Loss Exercises Pictures

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