Weight Loss Exercises Plan

Low Calorie Days

Decide on how many Low Calorie Days you will do each week and the days you intend to do them. Make that decision at the beginning of each week and then keep to your schedule.

Week 1 should be one day. Thereafter two Low Calorie Days a week will deliver the gradual and lasting weight loss you want. Add another day if you feel confident enough to do so. Low Calorie Days on alternate days will improve results, but it is best to do this on alternate weeks. Remember, you are after long-lasting, gradual weight loss. Patience and persistence produces the best results.

It’s a good idea to decide which days are best for you to have a Low Calorie Day. You might find that one weekday and one day at the weekend might suit you best. A routine of the same days each week might be an easier option so that you do not forget. Whatever you decide, try out different combinations during the first three weeks until you get yourself into a routine. Make a chart or make a diary entry to make sure you do not miss a Low Calorie Day.

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Weight Loss Exercises Plan

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