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Lynette Botha thinks you should get it all this morning (and most days) I’m of the opinion that love should not only be celebrated one month (or day!) a year. Valentine’s Day is, however, a timely reminder to rekindle romance and your love life. If you need a few more reasons to get intimate with your partner, remember that sex counts as exerciseand it also helps to calm frazzled nerves (as the body releases endorphins and oxytocin); relaxes you and makes you sleep better; and is a pain reliever (endorphins released during an orgasm are said to have similar effects to morphine) putting the old headacheconcept to bed. Oh, and it also releases oestrogen, which promotes glowing skin and shiny hair!

A WEIGHTY ISSUE Holiday weight gain getting you down? Book in for a body overhaul at Cape Town’s Langaro Lifestyle Centre, winner of the Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Award 2014 for Best Day Spa, to kick-start your road to fitness. A thorough detox is recommended before you embark on a weight loss plan, in order to break down the unhealthy fat cells and remove toxins from the body, so start with the detoxifying Thalasso Massage(R950 for 120 minutes), which includes a full body exfoliation, wrap and luxurious massage. Once your body has been toxin-cleansed, the Mio Full Monty Body Sculpt/ Contouringtreatment (R950 for 120 minutes) is highly beneficial. This is the ultimate session of tightening and toning, and works by targeting three main areas of concern: cellulite-prone areas from hips to upper arms; chest and bust; and the stomach. Langaro.com

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Weight Loss Nutrition

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