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But sometimes, you dont need a new job you just need a new perspective. WF psychologist Dr Lissa Johnson explains that many of us in our twenties and thirties are part ofa generation thats been fed the idea that our careers should make us feel like we re surrounded by a rainbow of passion all day, every day – like modern-day corporate Care Bears. But this expectation sets us up to feel cheated.

The reality is that no matter how glamorous they seem from the outside, all jobs involve quite a lot of grunt work, says Dr Johnson. Have realistic – not perfectionistic – expectations of your job.

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Having a life outside your nine-to-five is vital, too, she adds. Its important to have hobbies so that you dont see yourself as just a psychologist or just a journalist, for example, says Dr Johnson. This way, when things arent going so well in your career it will not affect you as much because you have other things going on.

I think this was the problem for my girlfriend, Nicole, a 24-year-old teacher prone to the Sunday sads like me. I was lucky to have a permanent class at a good primary school – its what any graduate could wish for – but I dreaded the monotony each week, she says. Then I met another young guy teacher who was in a rock-climbing group and would go for overnighters in the bush at the weekend. He was like an Aussie Bear Grylls! I started getting into it, too – and it was exactly what I needed. I was learning new skills and meeting people, and I no longer felt like myjob needed to fulfil me so much.

Weight Loss For Women

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