What Are The Most Effective Anti-Ageing Supplements?

‘I take an anti-ageing supplement called Lumity, packed with vitamins, and I love it. I also take Symprove probiotic every day – which balances the bacteria levels in your gut for overall health benefits -– and have seen an improvement in my skin since taking it.’ Nichola Joss, celebrity facialist ‘How can I keep skin looking taut?’ @emilyjadejones ‘The most important skincare advice that I could give to anyone would be to massage your skin,’ says facialist Nichola Joss. ‘Make it a part of your everyday routine using a facial oil.

It will remove tension and stress from the muscles and reduces the puffiness and toxins that can also cause premature ageing.’ ‘HowcanIbalance managing early signs of ageing with hormonal breakouts and spots?’

Use a retinol-based product at night. Retinol is perfect for preserving collagen and helping to reduce fine lines and keep pores clear. Start gently and build up to more potent products over a few months. This is a great long-term strategy for your skin.’ Dr Sam Bunting, cosmetic dermatologist ‘My pores seem to be getting larger as I get older – how can I stop this?’

‘To help reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, use a product that will unblock them, therefore making them appear smaller. Combine a gentle exfoliating product with an antioxidant rich moisturiser.’ Dr Philippa Lowe, Simple dermatologist ‘With anti-ageing skincare, the focus is generally on the face. What other areas of the body are prone to show early signs of ageing, and what products would you suggest for these?’ @coxocube ‘Your hands are a dead give away of ageing skin. Apply SPF as hand cream after every single hand wash to keep them looking young.’ Dr Sam Bunting, cosmetic dermatologist.

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