What İf it Doesn’t Work The Herbs?

You may sometimes find that the herbs you have used to treat a particular health issue do not produce the desired effect. Don’t be discouraged, but look carefully at what may have been the problem

• Your choice of herb(s) may have not been right for this particular illness. For example, if you treated a bacterial throat infection with antiviral herbs, you would not have much success.

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• The herbs you used may have been of poor quality: this is an important issue, so please refer to the Resources section for suppliers of the best-quality herbs.

• You may have purchased the wrong herb or wrong part of a herb: double check the Latin name and the herb part (see Appendix 1).

• The dose you have used may have been inappropriate: refer to post 6 on dosage.

• Your self-diagnosis may have been wrong: maybe you need to read up again on the distinguishing features of different diseases, or see a health professional to have your diagnosis confirmed.

Successful treatment with herbs requires some experimenting. We are all different genetically and we all vary in our response to herbs. Certain people will need larger doses than others and certain people will react well to a particular herb that does not do much for others. If you tried a particular herb selection from the must-have herbs and this did not sort out the problem, try some herbs from the ‘optional herbs’ selection, as they may suit you better. Observe your reaction to a particular herb carefully: for most conditions described in this blog I would expect results from within a few hours to up to a few days. Once you have found a reliable herb that works for you in a particular situation, stick to it.

One of the reasons why I encourage people to try herbs singly to begin with is to see whether a particular herb does have a positive effect on the individual’s body in the context of a particular disease. If you experiment with a lot of herbs at any one time you may not see the wood for the trees. Remember that the herbs recommended in this blog are exceptionally safe: you are very unlikely to encounter any problems while trying out different options with them The more you use herbs, the easier it will become to see whether a particular herb suits your particular body type, and you will start getting consistently good results.

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