What is the Right Diet for Me?

That is the sixty four thousand dollar question! The answer is not simple and often needs the professional expertise of a nutritionist or dietitian to work exclusively with you on a personal, one to one level to ascertain what is best for you, your character and your physical makeup.

However, there is hope.

There is one rule that applies to everyone and I will mention it in some of the later chapters in this series but I will mention it first off right here and that is: When your body burns more calories than you consume through diet, you will lose weight.

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This is an absolute and fundamental fact of life and it can’t be gotten around with excuses or lies. It’s a question of body mass and mass is something that cannot be made out of nothing.

In other more simple words, you cannot become overweight if you do not eat more than your body is burning through the work that it does. To become overweight, you have to add mass to your body. In every living being, mass is added through the food you eat if it is not used up first through activity.

If anyone tells you different, guess what? They’re just not aware of this absolute law of physics, or they are in denial! Ok, that’s a little harsh, but I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this.

So the only one real “one size fits all” weight loss solution is in the simple fact of body mass. When you place yourself on a calorie controlled diet, you have to ensure that the number of calories you consume each day does not exceed what your body can (and does) burn off. But while you can fairly accurately measure the number of calories you are taking in, calculating the number you are burning in a day is a little more difficult to measure. But it can be done with modern equipment.

One thing is certain that will help your diet to succeed, whatever you or your nutritionist places you on, and that’s complimenting it with exercise. And that’s the topic of my next post in this series.

What is the Right Diet for Me?

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