What Makes A Home A Joyful Sanctuary?

Often, it’s an ardent mix of personalised spaces, and a collection of your favourite things—the little details that bring a smile to your face. If you’re stumped by the myriad decor possibilities, start with thinking about the colour palette for interiors that you will love coming home to. According to Nikki Hunt, principal and founder of Design Intervention, few things are as personal as colour selection. “As designers we know that colours can affect our mood, indeed, psychologists tell us that colour can influence our well being, the way we feel and even our behaviour,” says Hunt.

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In a two-storey bungalow, bright hues and airy spaces infuse the home with energy and light. Its study features the sight of colourful birds in flight on its green wallpaper, matched with a warm material palette of wood and marble, as well as Eastern-inspired white mouldings that frame the scene. For this winning combination, this residential project earned Design Intervention the Best Interior Design award in the Private Residence category, at the International Property Awards in December 2016.

In another home, the striking pairing of sapphire and mustard is paired with a dynamic zig-zag pattern on its cushions and ottoman in the living room. The soft texture of velvet and curved seating adds to snug feel of the space. This enviable mix imbues a sense of joy to these lively spaces—a look that is merry and carefree. “It’s an interior style where you can just close the door on the world outside, and walk into a world where you feel relaxed and uplifted,” shares the designer. “And what can be more restorative than a fresh and cheerful home?”

FRESHEN UP A vibrant palette forms a part of the design practice’s most requested decor scheme—one that it dubs as “happy chic”. This look pairs punchy shades with metallic details and a neutral base to create a home that’s at once fresh, cheerful and stylish, according to Hunt. “Bold colours can brighten a room by infusing it with a cheerful energy that encourages an instant smile,” she shares. “The trick to this look is to balance the vibrant hues with lashes of neutrals so that the strong colours don’t overpower the room but rather bring a fresh, uplifting energy. Metallic accents add a hint of sparkle that gives this fun style an undercurrent of glamour.”

What Makes A Home A Joyful Sanctuary?

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