What to Eats When You Training

The double Olympic rovving gold medallist and army major, 31, reveals what she eats when training.


‘While I was training for Rio’, I’d get up at 6.45am and eat Weetabix with semi-skimmed milk, natural yoghurt and some berries, and drink orange juice. I’d then head to training at Caversham, near Reading, and start vvarming up at 7.30am. During training, I’d drink an SİS GoElectrolyte sports drink (scienceinsport.com) to keep me hydrated. I’d then have a second breakfast of a cinnamon bagel, two poached eggs and maybe a sausage or piece of bacon, plus a coffee after training. I’d also drink a fresh fruit smoothie. There’s a GB nutrition ist who gives you advice on what to eat.’


‘İn the next training session, I’d eat two SIS GO Energy + Electrolyte gels to keep my energy up, then for lunch I’d have a hot meal such as lamb tagine or spaghetti Bolognese. Our chef would add in lots of veg and seeds and things to boost the nutrients. I’d also eat some fruit before my third training session, during which I’d drink an SIS Whey Protein Chocolate drink or eat SIS Whey20 gels, and drink water. Aftervvards, I’d have a cereal bar, an SİS GO Energy bar or a ham and cheese sandvvich. We trained for three to six hours a day.’

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What to Eats When You Training


‘I’ d usually eat something like chicken, rice and vegetables, but not too much. Vegetables were mostly steamed, but sometimes roasted as a treat. Pre-bed, I’d have a hot chocolate, and go to bed about 10.30pm.’


‘l love a cup of tea post training – builder’s with milk, no sugar! It’s a military habit – tea and toast or biscuits. The nutritionist wasn’t sure about the biscuits. but when she realised I needed the calories, she relaxed about it! I ate homemade flapjacks too as you know vvhat’s in them.’


‘l love simple milk chocolate, and ice-cream -any flavour or type!


‘I believea balanced, varied diet should give you most of the nutrients you need. İn winter, we’d take extra vitamin C to help keep colds and germs at bay and would get supplements if we were found to be lacking in, say, vitamin D or iron.’


‘During training last winter, I was losing vveight when I was eating 3,500 to 4,000 calories a day, so I had to up it to 5,500 by eating little and often.’


‘Having a glass of orange juice with breakfast is an excellent idea because the vitamin C from the juice will help boost Heather’s iron intakeby converting the iron in the cereal into a form vvhich can be more easily absorbed by the body. When you’re training as intensely as Heather, it can be hard to get enough calories to fuel your training from food alone (and to find the time to eat this much!) which is why Heather uses a lot of supplements. Heather could swap biscuits for a bowl of cereal to give her less sugar and more dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals.

What to Eats When You Training

What to Eats When You Training

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