Where to place your logo on a T-shirt

Paul and Sara Ho of Superblessed launched their streetwear label specialising in T-shirts and caps on Kickstarter in November 2020 to gauge the demand for their products. As its name suggests, the brand aims to spread positive messages with its apparel. Actress Felicia Chin is a fan, snapping up their socks and 3M reflective logo T-shirt earlier this year.

The siblings say their first experience on the crowdfunding platform “was quite a roller coaster of emotions, from the anticipation to the preparation, the thrill of and the fear of not hitting the target”.

But it was all worth it – they reached their goal of $10,000 in 25 days. To date, Superblessed offers six T-shirts ($55-$65), a set of two pairs of socks ($40) and two cap styles ($55 each). Its T-shirts are sourced and made in Singapore by Konstrukt Labs, a local supplier that offers silk screening so it’s a great way to #supportlocal.

Where to place your logo on a T-shirt Photo Gallery


Where to place your logo on a T shirt

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