Will I ever be able to see my grandchild?

DILEMMA: My 18-year-old son has recently got a girl pregnant. While I’m not thrilled about the situation (my son says he doesnt love her, but will be there for the baby), I would like to be involved in my grandchilds life. However, the mother is being unreasonable “ one minute she says we will be a part of the babys life, and the next minute we wont.

Can you predict what will happen? Jayne says: I can tell that this situation is bringing you a lot of heart ache at the moment, however; it will not last forever so dont give up just yet. You are going to have to humour her while she is emotionally vulnerable. Not only is she nervous about being a mum for the first time, she is also heartbroken because she has feelings for your son.

Try to stay calm when you speak with her and just jump through any hoops you have to at the moment “ I sense that you and she will become close in the future. Once the baby is here, the family will come together and the squabbles will stop. Your son is going to step up and you will be surprised to see what a the mature and responsible young man he will develop into over the coming year. I see that money issues may cause you a bit of anxiety over the next few months, but by the time the baby is here your finances should be settled. You are going to need a lot of emotional strength, so make sure you take care of yourself before you try looking after anyone else.

Will I ever be able to see my grandchild?

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