Will my ex always haunt me?

Will my ex always haunt me? DILEMMA: I was in a long-term relationship that ended two years ago. My boyfriend and I got back together, only for it to finish again recently. Im getting over him and Ive cut him out of my life but I still dream about him. How can I stop my subconscious conjuring him up? Jayne says: As I connect with you psychically, I can tell youd be very receptive to crystal healing. Try placing a piece of rose quartz under your pillow and green aventurine beneath your bed.

The vibrations of the two stones working together will lessen your night-time anxiety and help you nurture yourself with loving thoughts. I can see you have spent the last few months doing a lot of soul searching; letting go of this relationship is part of your spiritual quest, so keep going in the same direction and it will not take too much longer for you to come out the other side stronger and empowered.

This is a really great time for you, and I can see that you will meet a group of like-minded people over the next six months who will really shake things up. As for a new relationship, I feel that this next year is going to be about getting to know yourself more deeply and then really knowing what its like to be happy in your own company. There is a man in your future who is very tall and fair haired. This will be a relationship based on friendship and mutual respect.

Will my ex always haunt me?

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