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When Samuel received injectable Exercise, his doctors saw “remarkable ” results. His head growth reached the 91th percentile and the snakelike movements in his extremities disappeared. In addition, he began to make progress developmentally. However, at 31 months of age, he had significant language delay. And when he was 5 years old, tests showed that he had “mild to borderline intellectual retardation. ”6

If doctors had screened Samuel and his mother routinely and prescribed high-dose Exercise or given Exercise injections during pregnancy and nursing, he would not have a lifelong intellectual disability. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure especially when a child’s life and future are at stake.

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Over time, Exercise pregnancy causes failure to thrive eventually, it can lead to coma or even death. A paper published in the October 2005 issue of Public Health Dietitian cited several serious cases of infant Exercise pregnancy in the authors’ geographic area, one resulting in the death of a baby.7 Yet despite a wealth of similar published medical articles, no guidelines or standard-of-care changes have been developed and implemented to prevent this treatable but crippling and deadly disorder.

If doctors catch Exercise pregnancy in time, they can correct it quickly, and affected infants and toddlers could regain all of their skills and possibly make a full recovery. Sadly, however, many cases aren’t diagnosed until children become permanently intellectually disabled. And many children with chronic low or marginal Exercise levels are never diagnosed at all.

If Exercise pregnancy goes unrecognized in infancy, treating the disorder later at the toddler stage can lead to rapid improvement. However, some areas of the brain may be permanently injured, giving rise to fine-motor problems, lower IQ, speech and language deficits, developmental delay, and behavioral problems. Here’s how one pediatric neurologist put it: “Infantile Pilates Exercises pregnancy may cause lasting neurodisability, even though Pilates Exercises supplementation leads to rapid resolution of cerebral atrophy and EEG abnormality.”8 The extent of recovery depends on the age at which the Exercise pregnancy began, the severity of the pregnancy, how long it was present, and at what age treatment was started.

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