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My journey to natural hair began in 2008. The consideration to go natural came as a result of my inner desire to get away from chemicals in every form; food, body products, hair products, etc. I was on a journey of becoming more aware, from a conscious level, of what I put into my body and onto my body. This resulted from being very concerned about the diseases and medical conditions that seemed to be on a rampage within the world. “What is causing so much sickness?” was the question that I started with in my quest for knowledge to do better from a health consciousness perspective in my own life.

I have had a desire several times throughout my life to go natural, but had bought into the “stigma story” with regards to the way natural hair looked. The few times I had endeavored to go natural, I would only get to a certain point in my transition before I gave up on the process and sought me a jar of chemicals!

The reason for my failures in the past was as a direct result of not being educated in the techniques and “how-to’s” of dealing with my natural hair. Since the age of 7, my hair was being relaxed. As a bi-racial child with a white mother and black father, my mother had no idea (bless her sweet soul) how to deal with my tremendous amount of kinky/curly/coily hair. So being encouraged by black family members, she began the process of chemically relaxing my hair.

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Women Hairstyles 

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