Women’s hairstyles with glasses

Historical Beauty;

In 1935, the House of Westmore was opened and the brothers began selling their own line of salon and consumer makeup products. A Lasting Legacy While the name Max Factor is world famous (and not undeservedly so), most women do not realize how influential the Westmores were in shaping women’s appearances, from eyebrows and lips to hairstyles. All the iconic movie stars passed by the Westmoresmakeup chairs at some point in their careers, and Cecil B. DeMille would not make a film without a Westmore by his side. As Frank Westmore put it in his autobiography, It was Ern Westmore whowhen working with Bette Daviswith a few swipes of his lipstick brush, changed the shape of millions of women’s lips all across the world. Steering away from the rosebud shape favored by Clara Bow and most starlets of the time, which he felt wouldn’t suit Bette, Ern gave her lips a completely new shape. When she looked in the mirror afterward, she said, I never considered myself a great beauty, except for my large eyes, which I knew were my best feature. Somehow the mouth Ern designed made them look even better. With my new lips, my face came together and I began to feel rather beautiful. Bette once said she owed her entire career to the Westmore brothers. When you are inspired by a makeup trend today it is very possible it has its roots in a style first developed by a Westmore.
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Womens hairstyles with glasses

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